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Elsa Martin

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Certified Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner

Health Coach/Owner

Hi There, I’m Elsa, this picture is me about 8 years ago, I was bloated, not sleeping, stressed out, overweight, exhausted, and just generally feeling terrible. I was so tired throughout the day, but couldn’t sleep at night, I hated what I saw in the mirror and felt disgusting.

For about a year I had been dealing with severe joint pain. It started in my feet, every time I took a step I had shooting pain, then it would move around to different joints in my body. It was excruciating, with really no relief. Any painkillers I had, would barely even touch the pain. It was crazy! I was becoming a cripple at a young age. I went to the doctor several times, and his final diagnosis was for me to see an arthritis specialist, to get some very high pain killers and anti-inflammatorys.  I looked into that and realized the side effects of some of those things are worse than the arthritis!  So, that’s when I really went on a trek to see what I could do.

I found a naturopathic doctor and followed her advice to change some of the foods I was eating, within 2 weeks I was HUGELY better!!! Unbelievable!! I was pretty much pain free!!!  That’s when I really realized the power of the food that I was putting in my body! I feel so strongly about helping others find the relief and healing that I have.

Through much study and testing I developed an eating plan to help heal me of Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as clear my skin, help me to sleep, heal my metabolism, to lose 20 lbs* & to feel much lighter, healthier and happier. I absolutely believe that the food we eat can either be the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. I believe that because I have seen it in my own life, and in so many other peoples lives.

I am a certified advanced weight-loss practitioner who has been down the road that you want to take, you can trust me to guide you through this journey to your best life. I know this program will work for you, just as it has for myself and many others!

*Individual results may vary

Desirae Veno

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Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Health Coach

Hi! I’m Desirae!  I am passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and excited to help you achieve your goals!  A busy and active mom to a little boy, and wife to a cattle rancher.

I love keeping fit, primarily by running,  teaching fitness classes and eating whole real food.  Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle have always been a priority for me.  My passion for running began in Junior High School, when a gym teacher encouraged me to compete in Cross Country Running.  I have since completed many 5 km and 10 km road races, as well as three half marathons.  My most recent achievement in the running world was in August 2017 when I  participated in the Black Spur Ultra Relay  running 18 km up the Kimberley, BC Ski hill.

After the birth of my son,  I struggled with sleep deprivation, motivation, and occasional low mood. Eating healthy was often not on the agenda.  After introducing some probiotic and digestive enzyme supplements, as well as completing a six week healthy eating challenge with Whole By Nutrition, I feel amazing!  In fact, I love it so much, I became a coach so that I can help others overcome the obstacles they are facing and reach their goals.

Creating healthy eating habits and eating whole, nutritious food can really be life changing!  People say that I am friendly, outgoing and highly motivating and I want to be by your side every step of the way to achieving the body you desire.

Ava Bartsch

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Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

Certified Aerobics/Fusion Instructor

Health Coach

Hi my name is Ava! My interest in health and fitness led me to become a certified personal trainer, aerobics instructor and a running coach. Initially, I focused heavily on weight training and running and have ran several 5k, 10k and 1/2 marathon races.

After the birth of my 3rd child, my energy levels dipped dramatically and with schedules getting busier, our eating habits seemed to suffer. I decided to take my certification as a health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to complement my wellness journey.

My passion is to help families and individuals learn how to prepare meals that are delicious and healthy and also an enjoyable experience. I believe that wellness encompasses everything from your emotional/spiritual well-being to your eating and physical activity. Wellness is ongoing and I’m excited to partner with you on your journey!




Shanda Wood

Shanda - Profile photo

Health Coach

Hi!  I’m Shanda.  I come from a bit of a different background than the rest of the coaches. I have struggled with my weight since about junior high. Since then I have tried every kind of diet/fad there is to try!  You name it, I’ve tried it.

This year, I vowed to myself, NO MORE FADS!  I had heard a lot of great things and have seen amazing results from friends and colleagues, so, I signed up for my first WBN challenge. By the middle of the challenge, I just knew this was something I wanted to be a part of, in some way!  I was feeling amazing in mind, body and soul!

I LOVE helping & inspiring others, so I threw it out there to Elsa. We met and she thought I would make a great coach, So, here I am.

I am so excited to be a part of this team and to keep learning about my health and inspiring others to learn and to feel as wonderful as I do!  I am so excited for this new and empowering journey.

Coralee Sims

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Health/Wellness Coach

Certified Fitness Instructor & Group Fitness

Cleveland Clinic

Hello, I’m Coralee Sims, Health and Wellness Coach with over 10 years experience owning and operating my own fitness gym.  I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness. I live in Okotoks with my husband of almost 30 years and we have 3 grown children and a daughter-in-law.

For quite sometime I was experiencing an excessive thirst/dehydration, no matter how much water I drank as well as joint pain and fatigue.  Following a bad eye infection I was sent for many tests, which led to a diagnosis of Sjögren’s Syndrome-an autoimmune disorder. Dehydration in eyes, mouth, joint and muscle pain as well as fatigue.

I decided not to take the medications and see if I could find a better holistic approach to my symptoms. Which started my journey on following an anti-inflammatory meal plan.  By being on the Whole By Nutrition meal plan and taking probiotics and vitamin minerals I have experienced great relief from my joint pain, more energy, clear mind, sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. The recipes are delicious and are enjoyed by my whole family.

I love living an active lifestyle and enjoy being active everyday.  I enjoy hiking, biking, snowshoeing, skiing, strength  training and group fitness classes. As a family we enjoy being active together and completed a Spartan Race and many other fun runs.

After noticing the amazing results I felt by being on the program, I’m passionate about being a coach to help others live and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.  I truly believe having an accountability coach is the key in succeeding in your goals. I look forward to being on this journey with you and coaching you to be the best version of yourself.

Courage-Being responsible for your health, its an act of courage!

Colette (Friedt) Eirich

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B.A.  Physed

Diploma: Recreation Management

Diploma: Career Development/Counselling

Health Coach

Hi I’m Colette! I have had a passion for health, wellness and fitness since my teenage years. I am a vibrant, energetic leader who truly wants to support others to lead a life that incorporates every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

I recently completed a 32 year “passion career” with the YMCA of Medicine Hat. My many years with the YMCA made a significant difference on our YMCA membership.

I currently hold a B.A. in Physed, a Diploma in Recreation Management/ Diploma in Career Development/Counselling and most recently a Certificate in Health and Wellness Coaching from Dr Sears Wellness Institute. I love to learn, so am always taking new up to date courses from Clean Eating Academy, Can fit Pro and AFLCA to name a few.

Along with my degree, diploma and certificate I am also a 35 year AFLCA/YMCA Fitness Instructor with specialty certification in the following:  Mossa Group ride, Mossa Centergy (Yoga,pilates combo), Mossa Core,(shoulders to hips) spinfit, aquafit, spin & core, abs & core , step & sculpt, meditation, yoga, fusion fitness training, and weight training programs.

I am a “cardio junky” with a passion for running that began back in High School, continuing on to College and University track teams. I have completed many 10 KM, half and full marathons and recently triathlons. I love keeping fit daily with running, outdoor/indoor riding, swimming, teaching fitness classes and eating whole real food. I have and always will be deeply committed to a healthy lifestyle of wellness, balance, good nutrition and fitness. I strive every day to “Live Younger Longer”(LYL) and have turned that saying into coaching.

As a Health and Wellness Coach my highest priority is to continue to support and create that positive, permanent, healthy, lifestyle change through: L= Lifestyle,    E= Eating, A=Attitude, N=Nutrition: (LEAN) as we strive to “Live Younger Longer”.

I offer an easy, energizing approach for individuals thru specialized step-by-step, one-on-one support and motivation to become your BEST selves.

In addition to my one on one coach/individual sessions,

I also offer separate sessions for:

Pantry Makeover — 1 hour

Smart Shopping Trip — 1 ½ – 2 hours

Goal Setting/De Stress options — 1 hour

Individual Exercise Program/or Special Event Training — hours vary

With my many years of education and experience, combined with support, motivation, eating clean whole foods, and a regular fitness program, you will develop a routine for a positive, permanent healthy lifestyle. I know a combined lifestyle of exercise, attitude and nutrition will make a difference.  My lifestyle started back in my teens, so I am living proof that it works. People say that I am high energy and very highly motivating, as a coach I would love to walk with you every step of the way to achieve the body you desire.

As well, I also offer it in a Group Workshop Setting.

Through personal assistance, education, goal setting and tool kit designing for individuals/groups, my goal is to help improve your overall mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing using nutrition, wellness and life balance.

 4 workshops for groups/ work setting/ individuals
  • Open Your Internal Pharmacy
  • Making Health Your Hobby
  • Move Waste From Your Waist
  • Live without Pain & Inflammation

The workshops focus on the health of adults through holistic practical science-based nutrition and resources to help bring balance, clarity and wellness for you the individual.

Vegetarian platter

We Are Here for Your Wellness

A wellness plan that will help you achieve your goals is key to wholeness for the rest of your life. We are here for you, every step of the way. Let us help you become the very best you.

At Whole By Nutrition we firmly believe in the healing power of food. Our bodies want to be healthy, strong and well.  When we give it the nutrients it needs, it will respond.   Almost everyone has tried a fad yoyo diet, this is not that. We will show  you the best foods for weight loss.

This is a lifestyle change.  We are committed to your health.