Colleen Davidson

Bachelor’s of Science


Health Coach

Hi, my name is Colleen Davidson.  I have lived and worked in the Brooks area for most of my life.  I grew up in the beautiful Wardlow valley – have to love prairie to appreciate that.  I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at the University of Alberta and worked in Calgary and Medicine Hat before moving to Brooks in 1995 with my husband, Keith and 2 sons, Kyle and Logan.  

Health, Food/Cooking and Exercise have always been passions of mine.   However, not always have those three factors been balanced.  I have struggled with my weight and self-image over the years. I have had a crack at many fad and not so fad diets with limited success given that they rarely addressed who I was and what my goals truly were.   

Through participation in Whole By Nutrition, I have found that it has checked all the boxes of my passions and well-being.  The focus on health and fitness – mental and physical through coaching support, fitness classes, and informational webinars are invaluable.  Keith and I really enjoy the tasty and easy to prepare recipes.   

Being active has always been important to me for my mental health and physical wellbeing and also professionally.  As our sons grew, I loved being able to bike, hike, play volleyball or whatever was fun! And now have grandchildren to carry on those activities with!  Having carried extra weight for years has had its toll on my knees so it is even more important now to keep my weight and fitness at a consistent level.  

 My career as a physiotherapist, along with my personal growth and education in wellness, has enabled me to provide a positive attitude, and the ability to guide others in their path to success.

Vegetarian platter

We Are Here for Your Wellness

A wellness plan that will help you achieve your goals is key to wholeness for the rest of your life. We are here for you, every step of the way. Let us help you become the very best you.

At Whole By Nutrition we firmly believe in the healing power of food. Our bodies want to be healthy, strong and well.  When we give it the nutrients it needs, it will respond.   Almost everyone has tried a fad yoyo diet, this is not that. We will show  you the best foods for weight loss.

This is a lifestyle change.  We are committed to your health.