Janine Ferner

Health Coach

Hi I’m Janine! I absolutely love helping people take control of their health and am an advocate for non-toxic living. I have always been a runner and I have also come to enjoy HIIT workouts and yoga.

After years of suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, skin rashes, sugar cravings, low blood pressure, chronic yeast infections, acne, fatigue (and more), as well as thousands of dollars spent at naturopathic doctors, I started doing my own research. After coming across the gut-brain connection, I realized how healing the gut with nourishing food is critical in reducing inflammation within the body. I changed our lifestyle and my symptoms have disappeared. I no longer require anxiety medication or any other medication for that matter! My family has been eating a whole food, mostly plant-based diet that is free of dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and additives. We have also detoxed our home of chemicals and we are able to thrive in this environment.

I  have 3 little boys who have been on a healing journey with me. My second son had apraxia of speech which is a speech and neurological disorder. After 2 years of healing I am so proud to say he is doing amazing with his speech and I no longer spend nights worrying. My kids were once picky eaters and now crave real, whole food!

Our bodies were designed to heal – we just have to give it what it needs! I would be honored to be a part of your health and wellness journey.



Vegetarian platter

We Are Here for Your Wellness

A wellness plan that will help you achieve your goals is key to wholeness for the rest of your life. We are here for you, every step of the way. Let us help you become the very best you.

At Whole By Nutrition we firmly believe in the healing power of food. Our bodies want to be healthy, strong and well.  When we give it the nutrients it needs, it will respond.   Almost everyone has tried a fad yoyo diet, this is not that. We will show  you the best foods for weight loss.

This is a lifestyle change.  We are committed to your health.