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I just wanted to hop on here and introduce myself as the newest member of the WBN team. My name is Desirae Veno and I’m so excited to be here to help you achieve your health goals! I am a stay at home Mom with my 2 year old boy, we live on a ranch in southern Alberta, and I LOVE to run! Have been a long distance runner since I was in junior high school.

I completed my first WBN healthy eating challenge about 4 months ago, and saw amazing results, not to mention, developed a bond with Elsa: Health Coach and Owner of WBN. One of the things about my body that I wanted to change the most was regulation of my hormones and diminish PMS. Well, to my surprise, it happened! My menstrual cycle ended in the third week of the challenge and I did not experience one day of emotional, sad, depressed feelings. Nor did I have bad cramps. I was amazed! This was going to be great for my marriage, hahaha ? I’m so pleased to say that with consistent healthy eating and regular exercise, it seems as though my hormones have balanced out and I’ve been lucky enough to not experience the horrible PMS.

Now to tell you about the bond with Elsa. Sometimes you meet someone that you just connect with. There’s common goals, values, perspectives, interests, and personalities mesh. Throughout the challenge, I had been thinking about how Elsa and I could possibly work together. How could I ask this lady about potentially working together? She’ll think I’m crazy! I prayed about it, and God worked His will for us. I received an email in early January that Elsa had been thinking about us working together and wondered if I would be interested in joining WBN as a Health Coach. It was meant to be, I was honoured, and I knew God crossed our paths for a reason. So here I am embarking on this new adventure with a woman that I admire, look up to, and am so grateful to work with!