I talked last week about the best exercises for weight loss, but there are a lot more benefits to exercise than just shedding those extra pounds. What’s so great about exercise?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Exercise IS a great way to help boost your weight loss if you have some extra pounds that you would like to shed! But there are also so many other amazing benefits of exercise!   

This first one is quite obvious, it makes your muscles stronger! As you use and challenge and stretch your muscles through exercise they grow and get stronger!  This gives you the ability to do the things that YOU would like to do, not being held back from something simply because you don’t have the strength.
Stronger muscles so instead of making 6 trips you can carry all those grocery bags in at the same time!

Not only does it make your muscles stronger but exercise makes your BONES stronger.  Weight bearing exercise causes your body to actually grow new bone tissue.  Now this is especially important for kids and teenagers because that is the time in life when they build their peak bone mass.  Less broken bones for younger people and stronger bones help fight off osteoporosis later in life! No trips to emergency with a broken bone!

Do you ever forget where you put something, like your keys or an important paper?
Well! Another  amazing reason to exercise:  It makes you smarter and remember better!!  Studies have actually proven that exercise helps the hippocampus to grow.  That is the part of your brain that is responsible for learning and remembering!!   Not only that, but because of it’s effect on your brain, exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimers!  

Counter to what most people believe, exercise does not make you tired.  Getting in some good movement actually gives you MORE energy

Have you ever noticed that kids that are running around a lot and always on the more never seem to run out of energy?  
On the other hand, you may have seen, or I think at some time or other, we’ve all been that person that has had a day where we just lay around and do very little.  Even though we haven’t done anything we just seem to not have any energy, just lazy.  Well that’s because movement actually gives you more energy!!

Finally maybe one of the best reasons for the whole family to get some exercise is that it makes everyone happier!!  Exercise releases endorphins, which are the feel good hormone, into your brain which improves your mood and helps you feel great!

In a good mood, energized, better memory, stronger bones and muscles!! All the reasons that I am a huge fan of exercise!

So get moving and enjoy ALL the great benefits of it!

Elsa 🙂

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