Let’s face it, it’s January, depending on where you are the weather might be gloomy, it’s the middle of winter and you’ve just came through the holidays! You are probably in need of a great big energy boost! Here are my 4 tips of how to do just that!

Starting with the number one way to boost your energy is Sleep:  Lack of sleep makes you feel groggy right from the moment the alarm goes off!  And that affects your entire day. When you sleep your body is healing, restoring, reenergizing, so when it doesn’t have enough time to do that, it is  not fully ready for the next day and you are sluggish.  Getting enough sleep is huge for your energy levels!  For most adults recommended is 7-9 hours and for most children and teens 8-10 hours is recommended. So get to sleep!

#2 is Move:  Movement brings oxygen to your brain and blood stream, allows your blood  to circulate more efficiently, bring more oxygen to your muscles, giving you more energy! Anything from a brisk walk to a full on HIIT workout. Studies prove that exercise makes you more energetic and alert!!   Get moving!

Get moving and then Get Out: studies show that spending just 20 minutes outside gives your brain an energy boost comparable to a cup of coffee, without any negative side effects!  And of course there are so many benefits of being out in the fresh air and nature, but one of the biggest is that it gives you a nice boost of energy!  It really does help you feel good and give you a boost when you get out on your lunch break or after work!
You could accomplish both of those at once with a quick 20 minute walk or jog outside!

And finally #4 Fuel your body properly.  If you use a vehicle as an example, if you went to the dumpster and grabbed a handful of trash and threw it into your vehicles gas tank, your vehicle is going to run very slow, and eventually not at all!  Same thing with our bodies! If we are not putting the proper fuel into our bodies, our bodies are going to be very sluggish! Real whole food, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, the things that our body was created to be fuelled by.  Those are what is going to give us energy to live our best life.  Our Whole By Nutrition members always notice that when they cut out most of the processed food and eat whole real food they have so much more energy!!  Put high energy fuel in!

Next week I’m going to talk about what specifically you can eat and drink to get a real boost of energy in your day!!

Talk to you soon friend!

Elsa 🙂

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