Welcome! We are so excited that you’ve decided to join us in our brand new ongoing online community! To get in the group right now hit the “option 1” button, choose your option (monthly or yearly) and hit subscribe. By choosing yearly, you get 1 month free! If you would like more information about what you can expect in our community keep on reading. 🙂

Payment Options
$27+tax = $28.35
$297+tax = $311.85

Who this is for:  EVERY WOMAN.  Whether you have never done anything WBN or are a lifetime member, you are welcome!  With a couple of stipulations, it’s women only, and we do ask you to commit to only positivity, any negativity or rudeness won’t be allowed in the group. It’s really a group to build each other up and help us get to our goals.

This is a great opportunity to check out WBN.  Maybe you’ve seen posts of the amazing results or heard how great the recipes are but just don’t feel that you want to spend the 300 or so dollars to join, then this $27/month is a fantastic way to check it out!  Or maybe you want to do a private one-on-one customized plan, but still want the group feature! Well, this is it…and, the $27/month will come off the price of your private package when you sign up for the group!

As you can tell, we have decided on $27/month.  Some said they felt that was not enough, and some said I should just be doing it for free, but by far the majority said you felt that was a fair price.  Of course, as with everything WBN, I always try to over deliver!  I really believe the content that you will get is going to be well well beyond $27.  You can cancel at any time.

Online group workouts are included and they will be recorded as well so if you miss you can do it later. So even that, if you consider a workout class typically is $15/session and you are going to get at least 4 of those a month, that right there more than doubly pays for your monthly membership.

Guest Speakers, we will be having an ask the expert portion!  We already have our first expert booked, he is a mindset mentor!

As well, I am working on securing other experts already, naturopath dr, lymphatic drain specialist, personal trainer, and for month 2 we have a personal stylist from L.A. joining us to show us what swimsuits are best for our body type!!  Each expert is going to give us time for Q&A as well, so you have them right there to answer your questions!  That’s going to be amazing!


Each month I will do a book review/lessons learned in regards to health, wellness, habits, mindset, basically anything I can do to help you get to your goals! I will read the book and summarize how you can apply it to your goals and life to save you the time of reading it if you don’t want to!

If you have family or friends that you think might be interested please share this page with them today.

Let’s get inside and get this party started!! It’s going to be amazing!!!



See you on the other side!

Elsa 🙂