Today I have for you easy & free ways that can get your kids exercising without thinking that they are! Here at Whole By Nutrition we like to keep things simple! As parents, we want our kids to be healthy but we don’t want to constantly be nagging them about getting off the couch or get outside! So,today I want to share ideas of how to make movement fun!

1: Playing games, especially when it involves the whole family are so much fun. One of the best active games that every kids seems to love is tag! That’s an old time favourite!

2: Another idea, when you are out for a walk, or in a building and you encounter stairs with your kids, make a game, who can get to the top the fastest, or who can walk sideways up the stairs, just to make it much more fun and interesting than just taking the elevator.

3: Treasure hunts are an excellent way to get everyone up and running, and if there is a prize at the end, that’s even more incentive! Kids love treasure hunts!

4: This next one can be done inside or out and can be as elaborate or simple as you like, and that’s to have an obstacle course! You can even set one up with lawn chairs in your backyard!

5: Building forts was an absolute favourite activity for my kids. And that also can be done inside or out and can be as complicated or effortless that you want it to be. Pillows, blankets, chairs, they will be so focused on building their creation they won’t even think about the effort involved!

6: Charades is another super fun way to get everyone up and doing some actions! What if after dinner each night you had a 10 minute game of charades! How fun!

7: Finally, most kids want to play video games. So if they are going to play them, why not make it active at the same time by choosing games that get them up instead of just sitting there, so they are moving and being active.

And of course doing any of this together as a family, makes it way more likely that the kids are going to want to be active!

I hope this has given you some fun ideas that you can do with your children to help the whole family be healthy and active!

I love to hear from you, so please leave a comment!

Elsa 🙂