Let’s chat about the type of fasting I recommend as well as who should and who should not be fasting! I want to start by saying fasting is just one option that we offer at WBN and we don’t recommend it for everyone.

As always in WBN we want you to above all listen to your body!!

The intermittent fasting that we support is the 16/8 fasting.  This is where you fast for about 16 hours and eat healthy meals during your daytime.  This means that by about 7 p.m you stop eating and don’t have food until around 11a.m.  (More on why 16/8 below)

I suggest you have your lemon water and a bullet proof coffee or tea (1 cup tea or coffee mixed with clean collagen or protein powder and 1/2 tsp coconut oil) between the time you wake up and when you have your first meal at 11a.m. or noon. 

Benefits:  Studies show that this type of fasting may boost your immunity and energy along with helping you think more clearly, have a better memory and improved sleep.   It is also shown to increase strength and decrease bad cholesterol.

As well, a study in The Journal Cell Metabolism showed intermittent fasting may decrease risk factors for diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, and may even help with mental health and depression.

Plus by eating for fewer hours during the day, you’re likely eating less overall.

Precautions/Reasons you may not want to intermittent fast:   

**You may want to limit to shorter hours if you are pregnant or breast feeding.

**If you feel dizzy or weak after doing this for a few days discontinue and talk to your coach about it.

**If you are hungry (hungry enough to eat tuna or broccoli) in the evening you may need to make adjustments.

**If you have an intense workout in the morning during fasting and feel weak or dizzy, you may need to make adjustments.

**Again, listen to your body and do not fast if it is not feeling right for you!

WHY 16/8

Not eating for those 16 hours gives your body more opportunity to cleanse, reduce inflammation, heal and repair.   When you fast overnight, your body switches from burning glucose for energy to burning stored fat. 

Eating during the time when your body and mind are most awake and the times of the day when you are doing the most movement (burning excess calories) is in line with your own circadian rhythms.   My what?!  

Circadian rhythms according to The National Institute of Health is the natural cycle of physical, mental and behavioural changes that your body goes through in a 24 hour cycle.  The 16/8 fasting goes along with fuelling your body to move and do your daily tasks and then not eating when you are doing less, and your body is prepared for sleep.  Of course again this is a loose recommendation, a guideline, you must do what works for you.

Remember, most importantly, we want you to above all listen to your body!

I have a tasty drink recipe to help suppress your appetite while getting through those fasting hours that has tons of nutrients! A delicious cinnamon lemon tea. This is so good hot or cold.

Cinnamon and lemon are both packed full of amazing health benefits!

Cinnamon has been shown to fight off infections and help balance blood sugar levels. Some studies even say that it can greatly help reduce your risk of Alzheimers, heart disease, m.s., and some cancers!

Lemon oil is shown to help your body’s lymphatic drain system, boost your metabolism, help your digestive system detox and help you lose excess body fat!


Cinnamon Lemon Tea: To a cup of hot water add a tsp of honey, a couple drops of lemon + essential oil, a couple drops of cinnamon + essential oil, and/or ginger + essential oil . So warm, delicious and comforting while boosting your immunity and helping you feel satisfied!


As always I love to hear from you! Do you fast? If so what are the benefits that you’ve seen from it?


Stay healthy friends!!


Elsa 🙂

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