There are many benefits of exercise, and next week I will talk about more of those, but probably why the majority of people exercise is for weight loss and the fat burning effects of it.

So let’s talk about what exercises are best for that!

For those just wanting to get started with exercise for weight loss, Walking is great!  This one is easy, free and can be done anywhere!  It’s easy on your joints and there are ways to make it more intense if you desire to. One way is by alternating between a very fast walk and a slower walk, that gets your heart rate up and gives you even more benefits!
Another way to make your walks more of a workout is by walking up hills.  Both of those help increase the intensity and can make walking a great way to burn the excess weight off.
Parking a few blocks away from work and walking or taking the furthest away parking spot can also really help you get those steps in!

Now, a higher metabolism means that you burn off fat more quickly and easily.  One of the very best ways to increase your metabolism is with weight bearing exercises.  Doing exercises that you use weight for builds muscle which increases your metabolism.  An increased metabolism means a great rate of burning off that fat! 
Does that mean we need to get to the gym and lift those big heavy weights? Absolutely not!  Depending on your fitness level will determine the size of weight that you choose.  Beginners can start with something as small as soup cans  or a water bottle to use as a weight and it can simply be done in as little as 15 minutes at home!  
As well, using your own body weight is even simpler.  You already have everything you need for that.  Exercises like jumping jacks, push ups,  jogging on the spot all use your own body weight to build muscle. Again, simple, can be done anywhere, free and highly effective!

This last one is my absolute favourite form of exercise.  High Intensity Interval Training
We include  at least 6 different High Intensity Interval Trainings with every Whole By Nutrition program that we create for individuals.  We call them HIIT work outs for short.

HIIT is the workout that just keeps on giving!! With HIIT training you burn the most amount of fat in the least amount of time!  For a HIIT workout you do short bursts of high intensity exercise and then you immediately bring down the intensity for a rest period.  You alternate that way for the entire workout.  If you would like me to send you one of my favourite HIIT workouts simply comment on this blog or send me an email and I’ll be happy to send it for free!

Plus they are quick, usually HIIT workouts are only about 10-15 minutes. So you get done fast with huge benefits.  As well, it is proven that up to 24 hours after you do a HIIT workout your body continues to burn off fat!!  So not only do you get the most fat burning DURING the exercise, but  long after you do the workout, you are still getting benefits from it!

FINALLY: The best workout is the one that you do!  It doesn’t matter how amazing an exercise is at burning off the fat, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t work!  So you should choose a form of exercise that you enjoy and are going to do! AT whole by nutrition we are all about making healthy choices a part of our lifestyle, that way you are going to stick with it and see the life long benefits!

Just a reminder: Yes exercise does help boost fat loss and has huge benefits, but if you are eating a diet high in processed and unhealthy foods you won’t see nearly as many benefits.
There’s a saying that goes:  You can’t out run your fork.  So do some exercise but also remember to eat clean healthy food. For those recipes get your book here: HTTPS://WHOLEBYNUTRITION.COM

Stay Strong!

Elsa 🙂