Matcha has been touted as a super food for years now. It’s most well known in Asian cultures and has been hailed for its powerful nutrients. But is it all that it’s hyped up to be, can it help you lose weight and who should NOT drink Matcha.


Matcha is simply young leaves of green tea that have been ground into powder. This is the most potent form of green tea. It’s one of those plants that is packed full of all the good stuff!

First of all, if you are needing to charge your mental and physical batteries, then matcha is the drink for you! This powerhouse does have a punch of caffeine. Its caffeine content is similar to coffee, but instead of giving you a spike of energy, matcha gives you a long term boost throughout your day. This illustration shows it well.

Lose weight by drinking Matcha? Well, According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming green tea increased the body’s rate of burning calories, from 8-10% to 35-43% of daily energy expenditure, so brew yourself up a nice hot green Matcha tea to give that metabolism of yours a boost!

The best and most powerful part of drinking matcha is what it helps protect you from! Matcha is full of antioxidants that help turn your body into a lean mean fighting machine to ward off diseases! Studies show that the antioxidants in Matcha help support your body in fighting off cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Now, those are some powerful reasons to get into this green drink!


One more, if you are constipated or have difficult bowl movements, Matcha is very helpful with that. It’s loaded with fiber and selenium and gives your body that extra punch to get things moving gently and naturally. I learnt this quick, the first time I drank a matcha tea, lol, never to be forgotten!

So whether your batteries need a boost, you would like help in dropping some excess body fat and/or you want to support your body in fighting off disease, Matcha is your baby!

BUT! Who should NOT drink Matcha. If you are sensitive to caffeine or find that Matcha makes you feel gittery or unwell, then don’t drink it! As always listen to your body.

Matcha does have quite a distinct strong flavour, you may have to play around with ways to add it to your routine. Of course you can purchase the powder and mix it with hot water for tea. My favorite brand is Davids Tea. Another way to enjoy it is as a Matcha coconut milk latte. Simply mix 1/2 cup hot water with 1/2 cup lite coconut milk, 1 tsp honey and whisk in your Matcha powder. Adding it to a smoothie is the best way to disguise the taste, especially in this delicious one here:

Matcha Berry Smoothie

1/2 cup mixed berries

1/2 cup spinach

1/2 cup plain full fat greek yogurt

1 Tbsp almond butter

1 Tbsp Matcha powder

1/4 cup water (vary to desired consistency)

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

I hope you have a powerful, energized day!


Elsa 🙂

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