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We’ve all been there when we are just stressed out and either are in the middle of a melt down, or we know a melt down is about to happen! None of us are immune to stress!  We can be going along just fine and all of a sudden a situation escalates and we find ourselves in the middle of what feels like a tornado!!
And these situations can happen between husband and wife, with coworkers, your children, sometimes just trying to get out of the house in the morning! The tornado can suddenly appear and we find ourselves in a very stressful situation and we need to just CALM DOWN immediately!

What can we do when that tornado hits:

These are steps that we can do ourselves and teach our children to do as well, and when we see them about to have a melt down, calmly remind them what to do

At some point when you have been extremely stressed you’ve probably had someone tell you just breathe, just take a deep breath, you’re going to be ok.   Well, that’s because taking deep breathes is extremely effective to help calm you.  Deep breathing has measurable effects on your mental state.  Not only that, but deep controlled breathing can actually help lower your blood pressure, which sometimes can get into a very dangerous high number when we are extremely stressed out about something.  Lowering your blood pressure when stressed is very important. 
So the first thing to do is just take a deep breath. Breath deeply.

When you are in the midst of a tornado, you want to get out, of course! And that’s number 2.  Walk away calmly, as you are taking your deep breathes, remove yourself from the situation if possible.   Now obviously if it’s for example with your child in a store, you need to stay within eye contact, you don’t need to walk far, just walk away enough to remove yourself from the centre of the tornado.  Walking away helps to slightly release some of the tension and helps you refocus.

Now that you are calming your mind and lowering your blood pressure it’s time to grab hold of your thoughts.  When we’re stressed out by something it’s our negative thoughts about the situation that has gotten us there.  We are annoyed by someone or frustrated by a situation. It’s time to take captive those negative thoughts and replace them with 1 good thought.  Think about 1 positive thing about that person or situation and say that over and over again in your mind.  It’s proven that the way you think directly affects the AMOUNT of stress that you feel.  So to drop your stress level immediately change your thoughts.  Take captive the negative and choose to repeat that 1 positive thought.

The last thing…talk to yourself!  “There is a solution, we will get through this,  I choose to live in a beautiful state”, this conversation with yourself will help calm your mind and body and help you to re focus.  This removes some of the emotion and helps you look objectively at the person or situation. 

 You will find by following these steps you will calm yourself very quickly and effectively.

This can all take place in a matter of 30 seconds or less!  You take a deep breath, you walk a few or more steps away, continuing to breath deep you choose to think of 1 positive thought about the person or situation, and you talk to yourself.  By this point your mind and body are much more calm, your blood pressure is lowered and you are ready to rationally face the situation and make good choices.

This is something you can do as soon as you notice that you, or your child getting stressed.
The sooner into the storm that you apply these steps, the less likely it is to become a full on tornado!!

I would love to hear from you, have you tried any of these technics to shut down a melt down, or do you have some other ideas for us, please share!

Take care friend!

Elsa 🙂

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