If you’ve been packing lunches for the last couple months for yourself or children, by now you may be running out of ideas for some healthy snacks! And feeding kids can feel like a non stop job, and being responsible for their health and what they are eating is huge!

It’s so important to feed our children and ourselves quality, healthy foods, and not just empty calories. The quality of food that we are eating has a direct effect on our energy levels, our brain function and even our moods.

Kids especially need snacks, their stomachs are smaller so they need to eat more often. The best way to set ourselves up as well as our children to choose healthy snacks is to have healthy options only available.
If the cupboard is full of chocolate bars and chips, for sure that is what we are going to go for. But if the options are all healthy then of course we are much more likely to make a healthy choice.

Many processed snack foods are low in nutrients, and high in empty calories, food colouring, and sugar. That is NOT what we want to fuel our bodies with!

Apple and Peanut butter

Of course the best choice is fruits & vegetables
–have an assortment available to choose from.
–maybe even have them with a dip like hummus, guacamole, or almond butter.
They really are the healthiest snack to grab & go. So having fruits and veggies cut up in little bags in your fridge makes it super easy to choose healthy.

A quick easy way to get in some fruit and veggies in a healthy snack is to have a smoothie! You can toss some spinach in a smoothie with some blueberries and coconut milk, and you won’t even taste it! Smoothies can disguise all kinds of healthy food. They are a great way to get in extra fruits and vegetables, especially for those that aren’t so eager to eat them plain.

As well, it’s a good idea to snack on food that is high in protein, these are the foods that sustain your energy and help you feel full longer
Things like nuts, greek yogurt, hardboiled eggs, healthy muffins, energy bites, oatmeal jars. These will keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout your day.

Devilled eggs
Bacon Devilled Eggs recipe found on page 19 of WBN Recipes For Health & Healing

Having your snacks prepackaged is very helpful. So taking a few minutes at the beginning of each week to cut up some fruit and veggies and make little baggies of trail mix all makes choosing the healthy option much more likely.

In regards to your children, have the healthy options available for them to choose which they would like.
Having a healthy snack will give you and your children the energy you need to make it through your day, as well as help enhance your thinking and be in a better mood! All great
reasons to choose healthy wholesome snacks!

Happy Healthy Snacking Friends!

Elsa 🙂