I think this has been a struggle for parents almost forever! You want your children to be healthy and well but getting the good food into them is not always easy!  So today I’m sharing ideas to help with that!

This can start in the grocery store.  Allow your children to pick a few veggies that they would like to eat.  This helps them feel in control and they are more likely to eat what they know that they picked.  Even just asking them to pick one veggie that they would try this week.  It doesn’t mean that they have to eat the whole thing or love it, but that they are willing to give it a try, and who knows, they just might really enjoy it!

Most people, adults and especially children don’t enjoy plain veggies, so serve them with a side of dip like guacamole, hummus, or nut butter.  They may be loading up more dip than veggies but if it’s a healthy dip, that’s totally fine!  

When it comes to most things giving kids options seems to work really well.  Ask them if they would like this vegetable or that one.  By having 2 to pick from again it helps them feel in control of the decision and they are way more likely to eat one if they feel they got to pick instead of being forced to eat a certain vegetable.

Slip veggies in here and there.  Smoothies are a great way to get veggies in without anyone even noticing.   Soups are another great way, just dice the veggies nice and small and they blend right in with the other ingredients.   Even muffins are a really good place to slip some in, things like chocolate zucchini or carrot muffins!

Another tip is to use the seasonings on veggies that you know your children already like,  so that it’s a taste that is familiar to them and they enjoy.  Is your child a fan of taco seasoning, or garlic or butter & salt, then season your veggies that way.

Change it up! Try serving veggies in different ways, raw with a  dip, stir fry, baked.  So that it doesn’t feel boring or repetitive, for the whole family!
Things like sweet potato fries, spaghetti squash with meat sauce instead of the pasta.
One veggie recipe that most kids love is the honey glazed carrots, they almost taste like candy!
Get the recipe right here in WBN Recipes For Health & Healing:https://wholebynutrition.com/

Vegetables - Recipes for Health and Healing


Lastly, have veggies readily available, leave some with dip on the counter to munch on while waiting for dinner, toss a baggie of fresh veggies in the vehicle to munch on while driving home from school or on the way to lessons or sports. It surprising how we reach for them when they are readily available.

And as always, be a good example!  Make sure that you are letting your kids see you enjoy your veggies!

Keep It Real!

Elsa 🙂