Eating in restaurants can be tricky when you are trying to be healthy, here are 5 tips to eating healthy when eating out. Going to a restaurant shouldn’t be an excuse to derail your health goals!  These 5 tips will help you stick to your healthy lifestyle without sacrificing your social life!

#1 is: Make up your mind. Mentally preparing yourself is the biggest step to making good choices in the moment. Decide that you are worth eating healthy for. That you deserve to have the body and health that you desire and that unhealthy food does not have the power to stop you from your goals.   Baby you’re worth it!

#2 is Plan ahead.  Decide before you go what you will choose. There are healthier options available almost everywhere, so make a plan of what you will eat before you get there. It’s much easier to make the healthy choice before, rather than when you are hungry and smelling greasy fries, then the decision making flies out the door and those raging taste buds take over!

Once you are there, you need to Choose whole real food. Most of us know which foods are real and not processed. Things like Steak, grilled chicken, fish, with veggies, salad and or baked potato. Whole real food that has had a life!  Load up on those!

4: Skip the sauce/dressings.  The dressing and sauces can be so full of chemicals and sugar and can cause an incredible spike in your blood sugar! If you order a salad and it’s smothered in dressing that is full of sugar, chemicals, and a thousand calories…what’s the point?  Get a vinaigrette dressing on the side, that way you are in control of how much goes on the salad.

Finally #5: Drink, Drink, Drink. WATER.  Water will help you feel fuller so you don’t eat as much, plus water is always the best option.  Some coffee and tea are fine too, just don’t load them up with sugar!  You don’t want to be drinking sugar and excess calories, so stick to water  and then coffee or tea.  

So you can be healthy and still eat out and enjoy it!
Make up your mind before you go and then choose real whole food with the dressing on the side and of course drink water!

Happy Dining Out!

Elsa 🙂

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