You’ve decided it’s time to get back to those workouts and get in the best shape of your life!  You go all out, you’re working those muscles, huffing and puffing, you get done, you’re feeling great!  But, then, the sun comes up the next day and…you try to get out of  bed…your quads are crying NO!!!  Nothing makes sitting on the toilet or walking down stairs more difficult!!

 Starting, or getting back to workouts can cause your body to go through some very major changes!  Last week I talked about getting through shock week with changes in your eating and how to beat those cravings and this weeks it’s Shock Week Workout Version.

“Good sore” is what I like to call the feeling you have your first week of workouts.  If you haven’t worked out for a while, or ever, your muscles will absolutely need to adjust! They are being challenged and stressed to grow and tighten.  

This can sound scary, but it really doesn’t need to be.  Yes those first few workouts can be a challenge and cause some muscle stiffness and soreness, but you know your WHY and you are determined, plus there is a thing called tiger balm and epson salts!

Thanks to my favourite trainer C.Y. for these tips of how to not only survive shock week, but thrive on through it!

1:  Remember you WHY.  Doesn’t it always come back to this?  Knowing your WHY will help you get to that workout, push you to do your best, and keep you coming back for more,  because you have a reason! 

2: Understand that change is always hard to adjust to but it gets better!  Nothing is easy at first, but the more, and consistently that you do it, you get better, your muscles quickly adapt and you are feeling great!  After a few weeks of good quality workouts you will be seeing the changes you desire and realize that bit of pain in that shock week was so worth it.

3: Realize it doesn’t get easier, you just keep getting stronger! I find this super encouraging!  What causes your muscles to be crying out to you in this shock week will be nothing to you in a month!  That might just be your warm up!  Our bodies are amazing creations that grow and adapt.  So if you want to play, run, pick up and jump around with your kids or grandkids, or you just want to see that firm, toned up muscled body, push through shock week and keep getting stronger!

As someone that just came through shock week, getting back to real workouts after taking some time off, I too have some tips!

Epson salts baths are AHHHHMAZING!  The warmth of the water and the magnesium of the salts have a wonderful effect of helping those “good sore” muscles relax and recover.

L Glutamine, I mentioned last week how it helps with cravings, but it is also a supplement that helps muscles recover, which is exactly what you are looking for when you are pushing them hard!

Hit a sauna if possible.  The benefits of saunas are huge, two of which are to help detoxify the body as well as cause your muscles to relax and replenish.  I personally thinks it’s also great for your mental health to sit in a nice steamy sauna and just relax! It’s great for your skin too.

Finally always stretch!  Stretching is huge in recovering from workouts. Be sure to always give those muscles a reward after their hard work with a nice long stretch.  Another great way to get in a good stretch is with yoga and foam rolling.  These are awesome non food rewards to give yourself for your efforts!

So hang in there my friend, if you are going through shock week, don’t worry, it only lasts a few days and you will be amazed how strong and fit you are feeling in no time! Remember shock week gives shockingly great results!

Our team at WBN would love to help you achieve your health and wellness goals! If you would like our support or just for more information shoot us a message!

Elsa 🙂