According to the National Institute of Health the average 4-8 yr old consumes 15 tsp of sugar a day, which get this…adds up to 50 lbs a year of sugar!!!  Eating excessive amounts of candy leads to tooth decay, diabetes, childhood obesity and other illnesses.

Also, It’s proven after you have sugar there is a drop in your immune system.  Right around this time of year when candy is flying off the shelves at the stores, some doctors say they see a dramatic rise in colds and flus, I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

As parents it’s up to us to educate our children. We can teach them to eat healthy food and help them understand that most candy is full of sugar which is harmful and if they are going to have it, it should be a very small amount.

Sugar is an addiction,so the more we feed it, the more it’s going to grow. It’s very important to limit the amount of sugar that you have as well as what you allow your children to have.

There are some simple ways to reduce you or your child’s candy and sugar  intake.

First of all, don’t drink sugar.  1 can of cola contains 10 teaspoons of sugar!Most energy drinks contain 13 teaspoons of sugar! Choose water to drink and save ALOT of excess sugar!

Photo creds: Food photographer Hilary Clow

As well, don’t buy them!  It’s easy to pick up a box or 2 of little chocolate bars or candy, thinking we are going to give them away and then before we get rid of them we’ve eaten them all ourselves and we go back and buy more!  If sugary foods are not in your home, you and your kids are much less likely to eat them.

Make delicious treats at home instead of buying sugar filled candy.  Cookies made with honey or maple syrup, muffins, or divine chocolate mousse from WBN recipes for health and healing

And I heard this great idea of letting your kids “trade in” their candy! You give them the option of trading in their candy for something else that they would rather have.   Is there a toy they’ve been eyeing, a book they’ve been wanting or somewhere special they’ve been wanting you to take them?  Allow them to trade in their candy, which then promptly gets thrown out for that special thing that they have been wanting!  It’s a win win.  You don’t have to deal with a child that’s hyped up and over loaded on sugar and your child gets something that is a lot more special than candy!  

Happy Fall!!

Elsa 🙂