I know between packing school lunches, getting to and from sports or music, and your job, it can be challenging to get a healthy dinner on the table each night.

But with this weeks tips it is possible to have healthy stress free dinners.

First of all taking the time to plan out your meals at the beginning of the week is the most important first step. Having that done saves the time and energy when everyone is hungry and you are strapped for time and energy and you are trying to figure out what you can make!
So just take 15 minutes on the weekend and decide what dinners you are going to have that week.

Now if you want to take it a step further, what’s even better is to take a couple hours at the beginning of the week to prep those meals. By taking a couple hours on the weekend to cook up the meat and chop the veggies makes a huge difference to the amount of time you will spend on your week night meals, making them much less stressful.
To see just how easy it is I have meal prep videos right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPUzvMIut8E

If you live in the city, once you’ve decided what meals you are going to eat for the week do this amazing tip: grocery delivery service! Save the time of getting to the store and looking for the groceries, order your groceries on line and have them delivered. There are several different grocery delivery services in the larger cities, and you can have them delivered for low as $3.99

So once you’ve decided what you are going to eat and you have the groceries it is time to cook!

For having stress free dinners if you have children work together as a family. If you’ve been away from each other all day, you want to be together, so choose age appropriate tasks to get them involved in dinner making. Things like filling the water glasses, stirring the food, setting the table. This helps making dinner better for everyone, and the kids are more likely to enjoy the meal because they feel they’ve had a part in creating it.

Simply a little planning, some prep, and these few tips really do make week night meals stress free, and even enjoyable to do together as a couple or a family!

Another great tip is to Double up! When making those meals, cook double or even triple the amount you need for a meal. This way you can pack it up and save leftovers for your dinner the next night or freeze leftovers for next week!

Finally, my favourite are Slow Cooker Meals: The perfect way to make dinner!
You toss it all in the slow cooker in the morning and dinner is ready when you get home in the evening! Add some fresh veggies or a salad and you’re done!

Vegetables - Recipes for Health and Healing

For lots of delicious recipes that are simple and quick for stress free meals anytime, grab yourself the WBN recipe book here: https://wholebynutrition.com/

Do you have things you do to keep your week night meals less stressful? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay healthy friends!

Elsa 🙂