Not everyone experiences shock week, and for those that do it can come in varying degrees.

If you’ve never experienced shock week you may not know what it is or how it really feels.

I learned this term from my amazing son in law, who happens to be an excellent and intense trainer.  He has experienced shock week and puts lots of people through it!  Just another reason we love him 🙂   More from him next week when we talk about how to deal with muscle soreness!

Shock week is simply the week that you start working out and eating healthy, either for the first time or for the first time in a while.  When you  start working out and eating healthy, your body goes through major adjustments!  It may feel like you are going through a bit of a storm!

When it comes to changing what you are eating you may be going through withdrawals from sugar and processed foods.  

Sugar is proven to be 10x more addictive than cocaine! So, totally makes sense if you’ve been eating it regularly or eating processed carbs such as pasta, that reacts with your body like sugar, that you will go through some withdrawal symptoms.  

Headaches, tired, irritable, and of course craving sweets are all symptoms that may affect you, as they are all signs of withdrawal. 

The good news is not everyone goes through this, and if you do, these withdrawals usually only take a few days to pass.

Then, because you are fuelling your body with whole real food, you will have lasting energy, you’ll find you don’t go through the afternoon crash, because your blood sugars are no longer having big rise and dives!   You will be free of the Sugar Dragon and well on your way to the healthy lifestyle you desire!  Yes shock week is worth it for the shockingly great results you’ll get!

There are several ways that you can navigate through your first week of these changes.  

First of all, no sugary foods in your house!  If they are there when your resistance is low you will give in and be right back where you started.

Second, be sure to rest as much as possible. Your body is going through changes so allow it to rest, especially if you have headaches.

Third is to find something else to have.  One of our favourite recommendations at WBN is a sweet tasting tea.  Something like Sweet & Spicy or Bengal Spice, these satisfy your taste buds without derailing your health!  So pour yourself a nice warm cup of tea and relax! Of course another great way to satisfy a sweet craving is to have a handful of fruit or one of the WBN sweet tasty treats!

Fourth, supplementation may be the help you need!  These are a few recommendations:

L-glutamine is a great supplement to help defeat sugar cravings, some people notice immediate reduction in cravings when they take it!   One bottle should be enough, as that will take you through the first few weeks when those cravings can pop up.

Super B will be your answer for low energy levels.  I love this supplement, and notice a big difference in my energy levels when I take it!

The solution for salty snack cravings is salt!  Yep that simple, but not regular table salt, be sure to use sea salt and put it on your food after you cook it to get the benefits!  

Coconut water is my go to for salt cravings and to replenish during workouts as it replaces lost electrolytes!

So as you can see, getting through your first week of transition to a much better, energetic healthy life is not so so hard. You will be free of those cravings and on your way to the results you desire. And of course shock week is worth it for the shockingly great results you will see and feel!!

So hang in there, we got you!

Watch for next weeks post where I will give you great tips how to navigate muscle shock week…when your body is adjusting to new workouts and it’s talking to you!!

Elsa 🙂