4 Steps To A Good Nights Sleep

Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, your brain function, it can also cause weight gain and even increase your risk for disease!

So I’m going to start with tip #4 and work up to thee #1 thing that you can do to help you or your child have a good nights sleep.

#4 is Create a restful environment.   First of all, no screens in the bedroom, as you’ve probably heard, the blue light form screens actually tricks your body to think it’s time to be alert and awake, the opposite of a restful environment.  Also, keeping your bedroom a little cooler at night is proven to help you sleep better, so abut 20* is usually comfortable sleeping temperature for most people.  A great way to create a restful environment is having the room dark or very dimly lit, and diffusing lavender oil, which is proven to bring a feeling of calm and peace. 

#3 is Consistency.  It’s easy to get out of a regular sleep routine. Our bodies have a sleep-wake cycle. Going to bed at the same time every night and waking up at the same time every morning helps your body settle in to the routine of sleep. Being consistent helps your body get used to going to sleep at that same time and get up at that same time, which makes it much easier to do both.

Now, of course my top 2 ways to get a good nights sleep involve movement and healthy food!

So #2 is be aware of what you are eating and drinking.  Especially later in the day.  For example, having caffeine later in the day can make it very difficult to fall asleep at night.  A can of pop, coffee, tea or even chocolate all contain caffeine and may make it more difficult to fall asleep and affect the quality of your sleep.  Eating sugary foods throughout the day causes your blood sugar to spike, which in turn may also affect your sleep. Eating that sugary food affects our health as well as our sleep!

Finally my #1 top way to be sure that you get a good nights sleep is to Exercise! This is actually one of the very best ways to improve not only your sleep, but of course your overall health.  Some experts believe that the effects of aerobic exercise appear to be just as powerful as some sleeping pills!  

Eating healthy food, being consistent with sleep and wake up times and creating a restful environment should having you and your children sleeping soundly! The recommended amount for most adults is 7-9 hours and for children 9-11 hours/night.

Sweet Dreams!

Elsa 🙂