Here we are, 6 weeks into this brand new year, a new decade!  I’ve heard from several people that have made new years resolutions and that is super exciting!  But the statistics of how many people even at this point, just six weeks into the new year that have already given up on their resolutions is not great.   In fact statistics show that by this point about 30% of everyone that made a new years resolution has already given up on it!

Today I want to encourage you to keep going with your resolutions, don’t give up and keep yourself motivated!

There are so many ways to motivate yourself, and it’s important to figure out what works well for you. Today I am going to give some suggestions that I know work!

Number 1 would be to have a coach that motivates you.  When you have a coach specifically for you, they know what you need, what your goals are and how they can motivate you to achieve them.  It’s like having your own private cheerleader motivating and encouraging you every step of the way! I’ve had coaches for  things that I’ve accomplished in my life, and I know that without them, I probably would not have reached those goals!

Another great way to keep motivated is listen to motivating speakers on podcasts or youtube.  You don’t have to physically be in the same room as a person to be motivated by them. There are tons of amazing motivational speakers to listen to. This is so convenient and you can do it anywhere any time. Doing the dishes, laundry, working out, are all great times that you can keep getting motivated via speakers.

I personally do all of these things that I’m mentioning today to keep  motivated.  And one of my favourites is to read books that help motivate me.  So find books that encourage and motivate you in the area of your goal.  For example if your goal is to have a more positive attitude this year, read books on that topic and it will encourage you as well as probably give you practical steps how to do that. Once again there are books on absolutely every topic. You can get the actual hard copy of books, or you can also get audio books. You can listen to them anywhere. One of my favourite times to listen to audio books is when I’m driving. You vehicle can become a mobile classroom!

Get a coach, listen to motivating speakers, read books on your subject, and finally, to stay motivated this year to reach your goals…Social Media!

Almost all of us are on social media.  What are you filling yourself up with each time you are scrolling through there?  You should be following people that are motivating you.  You can follow my team and I at Whole By Nutrition on Facebook, Instagram, or You tube,  we share motivation online every single day. As well there are so many great accounts to follow. Whatever area you are needing motivation in, simply do a search and follow the different ones that you find encouraging and motivating. That way, several times each day your “feed” will be popping up motivation for you!
So follow us and others that motivate and encourage you.

Your goals are important to you, don’t quit, keep going strong and find what works for you and motivate yourself and be sure to do it daily!

Here’s to accomplishing all your dreams and goals this year!!

Elsa 🙂

p.s. My team & I would love to help you reach your goals! Feel free to contact us to get a free consultation or just to chat about how we can help you!