It’s believed that 1 in 5 Canadians have some type of mental health illness. An unhealthy diet is a risk factor for poor mental health.

An unhealthy digestive system has a negative effect on brain function and mental health

1 in 5, that’s high! That is too high. Now of course poor diet is not the only link, but it can be one of them.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying that anyone should stop taking medication or not take it if it’s necessary. But what I am saying is that whole nutrient rich food can help prevent poor mental health and even improve your mental health.

There is a study that shows that a persons risk for depression increases by 80% when we are eating a poor diet that is full of processed foods. It’s also believed that the risk for Attention Deficit Disorder actually doubles when a child’s body is not being fuelled with whole real food!

It’s important for each one of us to remember that what we eat and drink provides the basis for every cell in our body. Nutrients such as low B vitamins and Zinc, as well as not enough Omega 3 or iron have all been linked to depression. We need to be sure that we are getting enough of those in our meals. A probiotic is also extremely helpful in supporting gut health which has a huge direct impact on your brain. The way to do that is eat whole real foods that contain them. Foods like meat, fish, chicken, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruit. If you suspect you or your child are not getting enough of those then try adding these foods to your meals and find a pure supplement that contains no fillers. From my studies I have found Young Living to be one of the best brands, and they ship right to my door!

It is SO important to eat whole real food to fuel our body and help keep us thinking and feeling well! Just one more reason to fuel your body with whole real food!

If you are concerned about your own mental health or that of your child’s, please email me, I will be happy to suggest what I think would help!

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