There are a lot of ways that we can encourage our kids to be active, and it is so important to encourage them in that!

I recently read a statistic from the Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation that the average child spends over 7 hours a day sitting in front of a screen!  That’s alarming!  

Most important, for encouraging your kids to be active is that you want to make it fun!  Depending on their age you can ask your child what they would like to do.  Allow them to have input so that it’s something they will enjoy and want to do.

You can even make it an adventure! Kids almost always enjoy an adventure, so go exploring! This beautiful city and surrounding area are truly some of the most scenic in the world, so why not take advantage of that!  Is there a river path that you could check out or a trail in the mountains? Go for a bike ride, a walk, or a hike to explore.  Seeing it as an adventure makes it fun!

Of course, be sure to choose activities that are age appropriate.  If you pick something that is too advanced your child may become discouraged and not want to participate.   

Another great way to encourage your kids to get moving is by giving them gifts that encourage activity.   Gifts like a football, soccer ball, skipping rope, bowling set.  Again, making movement fun!

This really is simple, it doesn’t have to cost anything and it doesn’t have to take a long time at all, even just 30-60 minutes of activity a day is proven to have huge benefits!  Simply getting outside to play catch, playing at a park or going for a swim at a local pool is fun and so valuable.

And of course, be a good example!  Studies prove over and over again, that active roll models make for active kids. When our kids see us enjoying an active life and making our health a priority they will be much more likely to do it themselves.

Make it fun, present activity as an adventure, choose age appropriate, give gifts that encourage movement and of course, be a good example to help your kids be healthy and active!