THE #1 thing you can do today for a healthier you is Water:

By drinking water you help every part of your body work better. Water helps your body flush out toxins.

You lose water throughout the day naturally even just by sweating and urinating. 

I recommend to those that we coach at that they drink a big glass of water with the juice of half a fresh lemon first thing when they wake up in the morning, it’s like giving your body a shower on the inside!

A general good rule of thumb for water consumption is 8 -8oz glasses a day.  8 by 8.

Becoming dehydrated can actually reduce your energy levels, adversely affect your mood and even reduce brain function!  Water is SO important!

#2 is Movement breaks:  

Exercise actually helps your brain work better by oxygenating it.   Exercise is proven to boost your mood, improve your sleep,  and it reduces stress and anxiety!  

Exercise can be so simple.  On your coffee break, go for a brisk 10 minute walk outside or around the office.

Go up and down a few flights of stairs

Or simply turn away from your computer or desk and do a few arm swings or squats, and a few deep breaths.

And #3: Choose Whole Real Food!

At Whole By Nutrition we use whole real food to help people improve their health and to lose excess body fat.

I say a good rule of thumb is If God Made It, Eat it, if not don’t. 

Vegetables, fish, meat, fruit.  Food that was grown, not processed into being. 

Anything that’s had a life is just a good general way of thinking about it.

These are the foods that God created your body to live on,  so of course it’s going to thrive and be at it’s best when we give it that!

And grabbing a piece of fruit or a veggie tray really is the optimum fast food!

For energy and good brain function drink your water.

For clear thought and stress reduction take movement breaks.

And to fuel your body and mind, stick with whole real food!