Whether you are off on a long vacation or just heading out for the day, you want to feel good and have lots of energy and not derail your health, just because you are on holidays!

So today I have 4 helpful tips! 

First of all, start your vacation right by packing healthy snacks when travelling.   Your best choices are things like: apples, oranges, bananas, fruit that you can just easily take with you.  As well veggie trays are great, or my personal favorite, energy bites!  They’re a healthy treat that you can make ahead and take with you anywhere.  Filling up a cooler with delicious healthy snacks really will help while travelling.

We have all kinds of great healthy snack recipes in our recipe book: WBN Recipes For Health & Healing.

#2,  is to to be sure to take plenty of water! Staying hydrated  will give you energy, help you stay focused, and actually even helps to keep you in a good mood!  Which is always especially nice when you’re on vacation!! Plus you will be way less likely to grab a drink that is full of sugar if you’re well hydrated with water.

#3 Probably most of us at some point have experienced the pain of a sunburn.  You don’t want your vacation ruined by getting a sunburn! It’s very important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  So be sure that everyone has on a good sunblock, maybe even a hat and sunglasses  to keep you safe from those rays and from that painful burn!

#4 is maybe the most important!!  REST!  You are probably taking a vacation mainly to have a little break from your every day routines.  So try not to pack your days so full with activities that you come home from a holiday  more exhausted than when you went!  Be sure to get plenty of sleep at night when you travel.  And during the day to just pause and relax and really enjoy yourself.  The point of a vacation is to get refreshed!  Take time to rest!

So, pack up that cooler full of healthy snacks, stay hydrated with plenty of water, protect your skin with a good cover up or sun block and, get plenty of rest so you come back from your vacation energized!